About me

Hi !I’m Bertliussaza, such a weird name.

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Sometimes I get myself confused when I have to write my own name especially my last name. As we know, some countries acquire the citizens to write family name in the end of their name. But, the problem is that I don’t have any family name. Otherwise I just write my dad’s name if it is necessary. So it becomes Bertliussaza Yulius when needed. Got confused? Yeah me too.

I’m not a writer, traveller, nor a photographer. I’m simply a vet student with a bunch of dreams, random thoughts, and a wanderer who consumed by a wanderlust

I don’t consider myself as a backpacker or a real traveller. I am just an ordinary traveller who love to have a sight seeing, taking pictures, and seeking new experiences. Sometimes I love to stay in a hostel, but sometimes I also want to try a hotel. I love to travel with a low cost flight, but sometimes I don’t.

When I travel to a new place, I always go to the historical place and amusement park. I love to see the history behind my destination and take a deep look on their culture.

My first travelling abroad experience was in my junior high school. I went to Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Sadfully, I hadn’t found the value of travelling yet. Then I went to Turkey on 2014 and it opened up my will to travel more and more. Although I started to love travel so much. I’ve been Traveling to Austria, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

I am an Indonesian student who’s still struggling to fulfil my dream. I love to observe everything in my surroundings and being an experience seeker. I am not a perfect person, but I am that kind of person who want to give a valuable meaning to my life and be a better person.


And here is my post about a students to travel :


I love to explore my self, i have a lot of interest,but i didn’t look deeper on all of them. Such a fool, maybe  i am still looking for my passion.

I love to use a WHY question. It is just because everything come with a reasons and I like to know that!

I was living in turkey for 1,5 months and went to many places there. But I didn’t go to many places in Indonesia. However, I will always keep the best for the last, I really want to feel the moment when I’ve travelled to many places then come back home and say “nothing is better than my own home, and this is my home”

Nevertheless, I do really love Indonesia. Because Indonesia is really amazing, especially when I went to Lombok and see the beauty of Indonesia by myself. It was only a small piece from a bigger picture the beauty of Indonesia. As some people say ” keep the best for the last”, I will save Indonesia as my top bucket list above all. I want to travel around Indonesia when I’m ready with all of my knowledge to develop Indonesia’s tourism. But for now, deep on my hearth  , I want to discover the culture and the history on East Indonesia.

As a half- Extrovert and half-Introvert, I enjoyed my time alone. But sometimes I look for a crowd and hanging around with many people. I’m a solo traveller, and I met a lot of friends on my trip, and love to have a conversation with a strangers. But still, I’m looking for someone that will accompany me during my travel

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my favourite quote is ;

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