My feeling about Istanbul and Turkey

This is what I feel about Istanbul and Turkey right now. I am not an Istanbul citizen or a person who had lived there for a really long time. It’s only a perspective and feeling from a person who love this place and has a great memories from this place. I stayed in Turkey for a month there. Eventhough I only went to Istanbul for a couple days. But still, those fascinating place that I’ve been visited still right here on my mind and I left some pieces of my heart there in Istanbul and of course Turkey. That’s why if I get a chance, I will be really pleased to come back to that place.

My deep condolences for Turkey lately. I don’t exactly know what is happening there. But, everytime I heard something about Turkey, it was always a sad news. On January 7th 2016, one of my favourite spot in Istanbul attacked by a terrorists with suicide bombing act. It was on Sultanahmet area, near Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. I know exactly what this place looks like. Because, yeah it was the place where I spent my days in Istanbul. I can’t believe it was attacked by the terrorists. How dare them to do some kind of terror to a beautiful and full of historical place like this?


It was not over yet, several place like Ankara and Bursa were also being the target of the terrorists. I can’t believe that Ulu Jami Mosque ( Bursa Grand Mosque ) also got bombed. I went to this mosque as well. It’s a really nice place to chill in Bursa. How dare these people for bombing this holly place ?


Nevertheless, I wish I can go to Turkey again. Then you know what? I got a chance to visit Istanbul for the second time on this July! I am going to Vienna this July, and I tried to find ticket that’ll have a transit in Istanbul. Well, I know it will not enough to hang around the whole Istanbul. But, it will definitely enough to come to the place that I’ve ever visited before and try many kinds of turkish dish there again. But right after I bought the tickets and made my E-visa, another attacks come unexpectedly. Ataturk airport attacked and bombed by the terrorist! It broke my heart! Again!

Here’s my question on my mind, why on earth these terrorists are attacking a tourism place? Do they want to make any foreigner afraid to come to Turkey?

I hope this terrorism will come to its end, and I hope that all of Turkey’s citizens including my friends is okay and strong enough to face this until Turkey come back to what it used to be.

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