From Turkey 2014,then now Hong kong 2016

I can’t believe that now I am in the airport waiting for my turn to fly. It has been more than a year from my previous travel. Although I still did some travel to a certain places, but why I said that it has been almost a year? It’s because now I am going to Hong Kong to meet my best friends or I can say these people are my travel mate.


I’ve been missing the moment when I travelled a lot with buses, stayed in a hostel, walked around, did something unplanned, had a conversation about education or any random things, and did many things with limited budget as well.

We’ve been planing this since two months ago, started with random talks then ended with “Ok we’ll meet this winter after our exam, and I am looking forward to see all of you guys”. Another question is, why did we choose Hong Kong to meet each other? Because, we came from Asia’s countries such as ; Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Oscar who currently living in Melbourne but came from Hong Kong as well. So, if we want to meet, and don’t want to spend to much on air travel ticket. We must meet on a place which is not too far from each others. So we decided to have a meeting in HK.

But let me intoruduce these people.


These people are my best friends, my travel mate, and strong girls as well.

But the most intresting part from this story is not about the places we go but how we keep our friendship even we are living in different countries and different time zone. Some people said “If your are in an exchange program, and having a good friends there. It doesn’t mean that when you come back to your country, you’ll still keep in touch with them. Maybe it’ll last untill few months later, and after that you or your friends will be busy with their own bussiness. And this is my lasting long distance friendship. And here we are, getting closer to the next meeting.

So in my point of view, these are the reason why we still keep in touch ;

  1. Communication
    Well, not every people still have a time to busy with their phone. We texted each other doesn’t mean we dont have any activities. Sometimes in our group chat we talked about many intresting things that is happening in our age. Such as ; love, education, travel, and gossip sometimes. It means that we still care about each others.
  2. Travel
    Another reason why we still keep in touch is because of this. So we always thinking how to travel somewehere as a students who has a problem with money to travel.


picture’s source

So we always thinking how to travel somewehere as a students who has a problem with money to travel.

  1. We came from ASIA (?)
    I’m not sure, but it looks so racist. But because we are Asians, we have so many similarity, such as ; we love to eat rice and noodle sometimes, love to eat chinese food, love to find something for free, and discount as well.

I was thinking that I will not meet these people after I finished the program in Turkey. But that’s not true, finally I’ll meet these people soon.

And last, I’ll do a live blogging in Hong Kong about what I do each day. So wait for my next blog in HK.

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