How a dummy traveler like me went to Hong Kong will be look like.

Finally, i went to Hong kong 2 weeks ago. As an dummy traveler, my trip went to Hong-kong wasn’t smooth enough. So many unprepared things, and spent a lot of money something that i didnt predict before. But after all, it was ok because this trip planned only in less than two months.

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Started with going to Hong-kong by Air Asia. This is my first time using a low fare air carrier for an International flight. I’ve been using a low fare air carrier only for a domestic flight. This is the quote for it “You will get what you paid”. Well, there aren’t so many differences from international flight or domestic flight. Same AirCraft, not provide food, and without any inflight entertainment, and the only diffrent is a distance. Then it still ok for me, i am not a rich traveler anyway. As long as i still can buy that flight ticket, and go to some places.

Departed from Soekarno Hatta International Airport T3, i went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport for 2 hours, and 1 hour more for time diffrence. It was like 11.30 pm, and i have to wat untill 06.20 for the first flight to Hong Kong.

but WHY i took a late flight then a first flight in the morning ?

It simple, because i have to safe my money. the most cheper flight ticket will be in the late and the earlier. But not for all flight ticket, such an example Garuda Indonesia will be more expensive in early flight in the morning. Another reason why i took that flight is i want to try to sleep in an Airport, seems silly but the truth is,it worth to try. One more thing, i dont have to pay a hostel for one night, and i just can go after arrived in Hong kong. Imagine that i am going to HK from Indonesia in the morning, witih 2 hour to KL, 4 hour to HK, 1 hour for time diffrences. i will arrive in the afternoon, then i have to pay another night in hostel which is pricy for me.

But it’s TRICKY If you are going to sleep in airpot. Another why ?DCIM100GOPROGOPR2544.

Because you are going to another place in the evening, and you will feel so hungry when you arrive.An unlucky truth is a meal in
airport will be pricy as well, i you ll not have allowed to bring a water. Dont be like me, first i want to save my money, but later i spent like 17,75RM for a meal in BurgerKing which was so pricy.So this is my advice, always bring a cookies, or bread into your backpack, and an empty bottle or tumblr as well.

it wasnt smooth enough, i had another disaster when i am not able to charging. Yeah i am a dummy traveler, i know that a plug wasnt the same with mine, but i didnt bring it. So another advice from me is, dont forget to buy some travel plug adapter. But if you are a korean people, you can ask for an adapter on the information in korean airport before you are traveling then give it back when you are arrived in Korea. Then, i hope indonesian government will provide me like that as well. I HOPE and I WISH.


I wrote that i want to try to sleep in the airport, and it is worth to try. Yeah, it was another experince for me. I saw a lot of people slept on the floor, and i slept on the floor as well. At the first time, i felt unsecured. I was thinking that it ll be not safe for my the only one backpack. But after i did some research it still ok to slept on the floor, as long as i didnt sleep alone in the corner. And after 4 am, so many gate ll open. Then i have to check my departure gate.

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Then i took another 4 hour flight to HK from KL, as a low fare air carrier, i didnt have any kind of entertainment. It will be so boring, and as a morning flight i felt a little bit hungry. So the best thing to do was playing my laptop. THANKS FOR MY LAPTOP. Why i didnt go to sleep ? because its 6.20 AM, and it was hard to catch some sleep.

FINALLY, i arrived in HK and waiting for my friends to pick me up and my another friends who went from Korea. It’s like around 11° -15° C. It was cold for me who weared only 2 pieces clothes, a running jacket and a short sleeve. Not only that, but it was so windy. Such a disaster for unprepared traveler like me.So i recommend you to bring a warm jacket and a long sleeve.

After you read it, i hope you will not do some dummy things like i did. haha

PS : i am so sorry that i wrote something in my previous blog if i ll do some live blogging. But it was so hard to write something. I slept really late, and woke up really late as well then i spent my whole days going around and tired after i come to my room. I ll post my experience on HK soon and write another things in between.

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