Where I’ve been,Am I lost, or I Just Give Up Blogging?

Hi again, after a few months since my last blogging. Finally I start to blogging again, after I didn’t blogging for this long. I’ve been through a couple moment from writing for my own blog. Such as : I lost my consistency to write. My lack of motivation to take care of my blog. Until I don’t even write for this blog

Well, even thought I don’t write anything for this blog. I still have some posts that I still keep and not published yet. It’s about my experience with IMAKAHI (IVSA INDONESIA) national work meeting on Surabaya, Indonesia and I’m gonna publish that post soon .

What did i do when I didn’t blogging ? Where I’ve been, Am I lost, or I Just Give Up Blogging?

I  made some short movie ( kind a travel vlog) on Youtube about my trip to Hong Kong one year ago with my friends. Please kindly check my Video on Youtube, From Turkey 2014 then Hongkong #1 2016. Not only that, I also made some one minute video On my Instagram.

I was thinking on this multimedia era like now, the best media platform is video. So I start to stop blogging and I just make a video. But, I am still missing to write something even making a video is fun.

Nevertheless, even I didn’t post anything since months ago, I still do some traveling to many places. I went to Vienna (Austria) as a delegation of my country to attend The 65th IVSA Congress fully funded by SUGICO, I went to Istanbul (Turkey) once more, I went to Lombok (Indonesia) to do community service, and  I went Malacca (Malaysia) to meet a doctor there and also to sightseeing a little bit. Not only that, I also tried a new activity and challenging myself to get Scuba and freedive certification, and now I’m an certified Scuba diver and freediver.

Why am I trying to get certified as a diver ? Because after I went to Lombok, Indonesia, I realized that so many divers from all around the globe come to Indonesia to dive, and I was amazed by the Indonesia’s underwater. But, the sad thing is I don’t even try to diving before. Then I decided to get the certification for diving, and start to explore Indonesia as a diver. I think with becoming as a diver, it will help me to explore Indonesia to the fullest. Because 2/3 part of Indonesia is the ocean, and Indonesia is separated by  it.

Then, what will I do next ?

2017 is a new start and yet challenging for me,

I still want to write on this blog and make some video because I have a lot of unwritten story that I would like to write and a lot of video footage to edit. If I have a chance, I want to explore Indonesia more on this year because Indonesia is amazing. I also want to go to Vietnam for my friends susu and stanley wedding.

Frankly, I have some question about my traveling this far. What I am looking for on traveling ?  Am i traveling to get a content to write for this blog ? and How to enjoy the moment of traveling whileI’m thinking about what should I write for this blog.

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