Izmit, Kocaeli based on my point of view !

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Izmit is a city in Turkey, and located in Kocaeli Province.

According to wikipedia “Kocaeli is bordered by the province of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, the province of Sakarya to the east, the province of Bursa to the south and the province of Yalova to the southwest.”

For your information, there is a place in Turkey called Izmir. It’s so similar, but Izmir and Izmit aren’t really close with each others.

Nevertheless, this is the place when I stayed for almost 42 days in Turkey. For me, Izmit is the most comfy place in Turkey. I’m not saying that another places in Turkey are not comfortable enough. I do really love and enjoy my trip to many places in Turkey. I enjoyed the moment when I was walking around the historical and cultural places in Istanbul, flew with Cappadocia hot air balloon in Cappadocia, amazed by a landscape in Pamkualle, and sight seeing in Epehesus.

So, These are the reason why I would say that Izmit is a comfy place to stay in Turkey.




    • Daily cost in this place is not as expensive as other big city in Turkey, especially for food and drink. For example, I bought a bottle of mineral water 1 lira cheaper than a huge city in Turkey. Well, 1 lira is not cheap enough. But if you buy a bottle of mineral water 3 times a day, you will save enough money for another daily expense.




    • Tourism sector is not being the main income for Izmit. So, we can say that this city isn’t a destination city for foreigner tourists. Thus, the price of many things here aren’t so expensive. Besides that, this place isn’t as crowded as touristic place. But Izmit is a home of Pismaniye, one of traditional snack from Turkey.



    • Nice and friendly people. I don’t know why. But, people in here are so friendly. Especially for a foreigner like me. I was paying my bill, then that groceries give me a shaver for free unexpectedly.



    • This city is full of public facilities for the citizens such as open space, playground, mall, and amusement park. The most intresting part of this city is the playground facility for kids to play. They built this to attract kids nowadays who doesn’t like to play outside.




    • This city separated by a sea that makes this city become 2 diffrent region. In my opinon it makes this city a little bit similar like Istanbul. We have to cross the sea to come to another side of this city.



    • Talking about city transportation, this place doesn’t have a heavy traffic jam, and I like it! Eventhough Izmit just has a bus for their public transportaion, Izmit gave me some convenient pleasure when having their public transportaion



  • Izmit has a nice and warm weather in summerDSC_8333
  • But, not all of people in here can talk in english. So it will be a little bit hard to do some conversation with there.


Nevertheless, although only e few people here are able to speaking in english. Izmit still the be the most comfy place that I’ve ever experienced.


Last but not least. If we talk about Turkey, we have to talk about their shisha/hookah as well. In Izmit we can find shisha in many cafe in here. It cost from 8TL untill 10TL.


Now you guys can understand why I love this city as well…

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