Questioning what you had done, now and future

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How old are you right now ?

What did you do in your life ?

Did you do your best ?

Did you feel you do a right things ?

Did you feel guilty about what you have done ?

Is that something that you’re looking for ?

Do you want to come back into the first time you did something ?

Sometimes you ll feel like that, you ll questioning what you had done before. Time goes by, flew away, without any permission, without your recognition.

 No time to regrets, to feel guilty, to feel unpleasant.

Live Your Life

So, shall we pretend to ignore what we had done ?

Or shall we pretend that everything is ok ?

nor shall we pretend that we live without any mistake ?


You ll never know what you missed,

you ll never learn from your mistakes,

if you dont ask to yourself


Sometimes the bad things can be a good things, then vice versa


Past is your story for who you are now, now will be your past for who you are in the future and Future belongs to your past.

Your future is your own decision, and to make your future, you have to live your life.


Make a legacy for yourself

Do you do something that you feel that it will be your future ?

Do you do something because you want to be something like that in the future ?

Do you on your way to make it comes through ?


“My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’”

– Forrest Gump

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