It started with my curious to learn how to write, then i made a blog on with a title in mid 2015. It sounds ridiculous when i just named my blog with that name, in the beginning i want my blog StandAmongYou will talk about something around us. But it wasn’t smooth enough. Sad-fully, i didn’t write anything after my first post, and i postponed it until a couple months.

I was reading a lot of kind blog on that time, studying what exactly my passion is. Well, i love to read an article on internet especially from a big forum in Indonesia since i was a junior high school students. After a several time read a lot of blog, i got amazed by a lot of travel blogger such as britany on; Sabrina on ;Philippine ‘s travel blogger, Aileen on, Indonesian Blogger Hanny kusumawati on, and a lot of Indonesian travel blogger.

So in the end of 2015, i started to write again. I changed my blog name with Literally Blifejournal means Bertliussaza life journal, because i don’t know how to make a really good name for my blog. On that blog, i wrote my story when i was on turkey for 1,5 months, and some of my thought about everything. I had confused to decide what language that i have to use either Bahasa or English. So on that blog i wrote some post with Bahasa and English.

Why i got confuse to decide what language that i ll use ?

There are a lot of reason of it, let me make a breakdown of each consideration.

If i use Bahasa Indonesia,

  1. It ll be easier for me to write a post on my blog, Bahasa Indonesia is my official language on my country and my mother tongue as well.
  2. it ll be much easier  for me to promote my blog to all of my friends, it ll be easier for them to read and understand my blog.
  3. But sad fully it will close my chance to have a reader from around the world.

if i use English,

  1. it ll be really hard for me to make it, i have to think twice when i write everything. English is not my official language, nor my mother tongue. I don’t have enough skill in English such as; grammar, vocabulary, idiom, etc. So it ll be a really big deal for me to bear it.
  2. Maybe i ll lose my friends in Indonesia’s attention to see my blog, because its not interesting if  i write it on English.
  3. i ll have a really big chance to have a reader from around the world.

So after a few post on Blifejournal, i decided to start use english anyway.I love to chScreen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.08.28 AMallenge myself to face a difficult things, i love a moment i try to solve it, because when i finished my job then i ll learn
something . Literally with a poor english 🙂

But still, i had some reader from around the world. It made me happy anyway even with one or two people visited myblog. I really appreciate it 😀

In earlier 2016, i made another step to make my own blog with self hosting. I changed again with, maybe after your read my prologue you will know why i choose randromness. Randromness is a combination from Randomness and Syndrome, it means a Randomness who become an ill. You will know how random i am when you saw how many times i changed my blog name, from StandAmongYou, Blifejournal, then now Randromness.

I belive that this is my last time i changed my blog, because i already had a good name a really represent my self and what is on my blog. So i hope you enjoy to read my blog !