Quality Bro time, heading to Singapore ! Part 1

Forget about turkey for a while, let me tell you about my part time travel buddy. He is my only one brother ega or rega. Ega is a nickname from my family and rega is a nickname that his friends usually called him.

well, this is our story when we went to singapore last year, actually in the  middle of chinese new year holiday. we decided to travel together because i dont have any quality time with my brohter except during holiday because i am studying on a university that far away from my home.


In this trip we went to Batam first, and went to singapore by ferry. Why ? because we didnt find any direct flight to Singapore from my home city Palembang. If we still want to use an airplane we have to go to Jakarta first and it’s gonna be boring. So we decided to go to batam first,at least we went to a place that unfamiliar for us.


Batam is located on sumatra island and not too far away from Singapore, which is really nice to get there before heading to Singapore. On Batam you can find any branded, cheap things, but with you have to recognise which one is the real one and the fake one in this place. You can find any brand like Bonia,LV, and not only that you can find any cheap electronic stuff. You can find it on Nagoya, just tell any taxi driver or Ojek ( indonesian motorcycle taxi )

So this is my view from my hotel’s window.



In the next morning, we bought a ferry ticket from batam centre to singapore. we used wave master company, because a staff from our hotel told me that wave master is the best ferry company around here.


In the middle of our way, there come some people with gun. I don’t have any idea at that time, What are they doing actually ? Checking any ferry or looking for something ? Forget about it, i don’t want to make any judgment on it.


Then we arrived on harbour front singapore, then we went forward to Sentosa island. Don’t forget to buy a transportation card in here called EZ Link. It’s a useful card in here, you can use it in any transportation nor buy something on 711.




we went to Universal Studio Singapore, but we didn’t do what Indonesian always do ( Most of them ). What is it ? taking a picture infront of Universal Studio Globe ( is it correct ?) On our way exploring USS we found again our missing childhood experience. Sesame street, Betty, Jurassic park, etc. But the most epic for our experience is sesame street, because it was bring it back all of our memories.

I don’t have any more picture in USS, because i left my camera, bag ,etc on a locker in there. we went there for fun, and do some weirdo things, Queue for almost a hour for one ride, got wet, and dried.

And this is the most valuable things that i can give it to you ;


  1. Don’t ever never come to singapore when chinese new year holiday, especially for you who really want to come to singapore to buy something on orchard road. why ? because you will find nothing open there.
  2. USS will be extremely crowded and full of a human, even from waiting for a tram to get there. Then you have to wait and queue for tickets, not only that you ll queue and wait for around 1-1,5 hour to get 1 ride.
  3. I am gonna give you an advise to buy USS tickets before you come to this place, so you dont  have to wait.
  4. In Batam you have to be an extremely expert on bargaining something. And you have to be really smart to buy something.
  5. If your are traveling to singapore, don’t forget to come to batam. Because its not so far away only 1 hour by ferry and you ll not miss any hour because we have 1 hour different from singapore’s time. And MORE CHEAPER to eat something.

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