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It’s been one and a half month since the last time I posted my writings on my blog. My blog is not the only writing projects that I left, and yes, I do have problems to keep my writing rhythm. Yeah it’s because I’m fucked up

At first, some people said that it’s really hard to make a first step to start writing. But it’s not over yet. Sometimes you will find a distraction to keep walking, and that’s what already happened to me.

Some of you will have some problems with it as well. You have a content to write, but sometimes when you want to start to write it, you got a lot of promising distraction.  So, these are what already happened to me and maybe you get this kind of problem too;

As a halftime writer beside my responsibility as a vet students, it’s really hard to get a spare time when you wanted to start to write. There’s no doubt that as a student, we have a lot of tasks, paper, and exams. But when you finally got a spare time, you have to do your task, study, or sleep.

You get another activity that make you feel enjoy. In my case, I played online game a lot. Once more, I love to play online game. Then a few weeks ago started to play Dota 2 with my friends. Then you know what? Every time I open my laptop, the first thing that I do is play dota! But I don’t want to blame dota anyway, i enjoyed to do that!

I lost my mood to write, I don’t know why. Even though I have some content to write, I don’t know how to write it. In order to enhance my mood to write, i need a place where i can feel the vibe to write. A really nice place where i can think and enjoy my “me time” on writing. We can write in many places, but not all of that place can bring a good vibe for us to write.

I lost my time management, and I have to re-arrange my time management. Well, laziness sometimes will ruin your mood. Have you ever sleep and wake up in the morning and feel really hard to wake up ? Well it happened to me, sometimes it is really hard to write and rather to choose to spend your whole day in my bed. Then you know what ? I spent my spare time that supposed to be my writting schedule into a lazy sleepy day.

Nevertheless, in order to write again I am trying to find the way to solve this. Here are some points that I have found in my own quality-time-to-get-out-from-my-bad-habit

Time management, writing will spend some hour if you start it from a scratch. So, if you have something on your mind you have to write it in a note as soon as possible. Then find a spare time to write it, it will be hard to find a spare time to write. But you can make this writing activity as your productive entertainment. Not only entertain you, but it also give you an productivity. I always do my writing as my “me time” when i need to give myself a time to reflect what did i do.

Keep your creative mind in shape. Well this writing activity really need your creative mind, even you have a lot of content to write. When i am trying to write this, i just realised that i felt bored with a place when i am writing for my blog. So i start to find a new place when i feel enjoy and my writing mood will arise again.

Keep other blogger on your feed, it works sometime, when i got a new feed on my phone about another blogger article i will start to read it. Read others article will inspire you how to write your next content. You can follow discover.wordpress.com for some good content that provided by discover.

Go to a new place,  if you are going to a new place you will get a new content and if you feel that place is the best place to write. Then start to write. You dont have to go to a fancy coffee shop to find it. You can write while waiting your delayed airplane just like me when i am writing this.

Furthermore, i am still trying to keep my writing consistency in shape. I really appreciate and amazed by people who can write properly and write it in a good rhythm. Thumbs up for all of you that have your writing rhythm.

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