Travel preparation, find a best deal for your trip


Travel preparation is the first step of travelling. We will have a lot of questions like, How much for a round trip ticket? Where will I stay? Is my money enough to go there? Will I have problems during my travel? Even me, I still have a random thoughts like that before I go travel.

Well, find a best deal for our trip is something important. Especially if you are a student or a teenager. We don’t work which means that we still ask for money from our parents, and travel from our saving account. We’ve been saving for a long time for travel, then spend it like a brute guy ? Big no, we should be really wise to spend it. That’s why we need travel preparation and find the best deal.

Do a research

We will have a random thought like what I said before. It just might happen if we are not prepared well to travel. Getting confuse to manage your budget? Find it on internet, write it, calculate it, then compare with another one. Read others travelogue about a place that you want to visit, and look for more information.

Make sure of your research! I have a funny experience when I went to Hong Kong. That was my first time travel to a place with a cold weather. I didn’t expect that it will be really cold like that. It was bad. I didn’t bring enough warm clothes during my trip. So I have to pay more on warm clothes like jacket or a long sleeve whether I like it or not. But still better than I got sick because of that cold weather.

My favourite website for looking an information are tripadvisornomadlistlonelyplanet, and official tourism website from the place that I will visit.

We can find the best restaurant in town, what can we do,the best deals, nor travel guide on tripadvisor. For me looking for a best good restaurant in town is a must. Travel is not only about the place you visit, but also a good dish that you got during your travel.  How could I find and be sure about that good restaurant? Well, we can read about that restaurant from people’s opinion and comment about that place. Luckily it works for me!

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On nomadic, you can find the best place to stay according to safety, cost, air, internet, and fun. There are so many traveler use this as well. If you are looking for an inspiration to your next trip, this is the answer.

I almost forget about google map, it will help “sometimes“.



Find a best deal on the tickets

One of our big expense for traveling is our flight tickets, and maybe it will become the biggest expense for our travel’s budget. We have to be smart to find the best deal for our tickets, because flight tickets will be vary in price. It could be cheaper or even more expensive, and it could be sold before we notice it.

Find the cheaper one for a tickets sometimes really hard. I don’t have any good tips to find a really good deal on ticket. But, I have a suggestion. You can find your best deal on Skyscanner. Why skyscanner? Because, skyscanner will help you to find the cheapest ticket. Here is the deal, skyscanner will give you a notification if the price either become expensive or cheaper if you put your email as well.

Holiday seasons will be expensive as well if it compared to non-holiday seasons. So it’s better to find the best date to travel. There will be a really quick hot deal from flight company such as Airasia. Its gonna be much more cheaper. But wait, you have to make sure that you have a credit card to book your flight.

Find the best accommodation experience

Another travel expense is your accommodation or I can say it ” The place where you will stay”. Literally, we can stay on a hotel, hostel, apartment, locals, or make a tent, it depends on your budget or your traveling style.

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If you have a big budget, you can stay in a hotel with a lot of convenient stuff. Hotel’s price can be vary with each other. You can find a budget hotel which is cheaper but with minimum service and facility. Do you want to stay on a really good vibe and creative space? Go to boutique hotel. Wanna have some glass of wine or enjoy your really good dinner with friends? Then book a room of 5 stars hotel. It’s up to you anyway. For me, I rather like to choose boutique hotel rather than others. Why? You pay more on hotel for their service and facility, sometimes budget hotel service and facility will be the same as hostel in my opinion. So, why not a 5/4 stars hotel? It will provide you with a luxurious experience for you. But, for me stay for a couple nights on a pricy place when travelling isn’t really my style. I rather like to choose to hanging around and sight seeing to many places.

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Having low budget but still want to stay on a place like a hotel? Hostel is your best option. In a hostel you will find a lot of people travel with same destination as yours. You can have a breakfast with people that you’ve never met before, talk, and share your experiences. In my opinion hostel will provide some vibe to socialize with each others. But for me, staying with a person that I’ve never met before will make me feel insecure to leave my baggage and stuff behind. Nevertheless, I still will choose hostel anyway if I travel with my friends.

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Then if you want to take a deep insight on your destination, you can stay on locals. Stay on people’s house is the best deal to know more about your destination. On my previous post on ” Where did I Stay in Turkey ” I wrote my experience about staying in local’s house. It was nice, and they were nice to me as well. They gave me a really good hospitality, and gave my mom a present! Thanks Berkhan’s family for hosted me. Stay with locals will give you more understanding about their routine, their culture, their favourite food, and their language.

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You will have some question, “Where can I have someone who will host me ?”. You can find it on couchsurfingairbnb, and your friend’s house. Having friends on your destination is a big deal as well, you can ask them to host you or simply ask about your destination.

However, it still depends on you, your budget, and your style. Every deal that you make will give you different

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