Traveling itself for me

I wrote about where I’ve been, Am I lost, or I just Give Up Blogging ? At the end of my post, I wrote that I have something on my mind about my traveling. I always try to travel to somewhere on my spare time of study. I try a new adventures, challenging myself, and get lost in the middle of the crowd.

Am I looking for something from my traveling ?





Well, it’s not that easy to find a spare time to travel as a Veterinary Students (not for all of them, but some of them will agree, including me). Being a Vet student will give you a lot of a workload from study, reading, do your research, etc. Literally, its not only for a Vet students, but for most of people who loves to travel.

Nevertheless, traveling will provide your urge to escape, escape from your routine, and start a brand new adventure in the middle of it. Escape, or I could say “Escaping from the reality”. Routine is something that you having daily, like running on a circle from day to day and become an infinite loop of your life. Are we living on this life only for doing the same thing every time ? Answer by yourself. For me the answer of that question is No. I started to travel, and get addicted to it. With traveling I can escape from that loop, escaping that loop is just like what peoples say “thinking outside the box”.

The other things from traveling is, traveling will provide you a supplement for your mind and soul.

A supplement for your mind. Have you ever think why a person can be called as an open minded ?  Based on ;

Open minded is when even if you think you are right, you know that you can be wrong and are always willing to listen to and hear an opposing or contradictory view. People have views but know that their views do not have to be held by everyone. Open minded people also know that their views can be wrong.

Traveling itself will push you to re-thinking about anything. Especially  your statement about something.  Traveling  will pushed you to adapt, see something from another view, and hear someone else. It’s such an inevitable thing from traveling, if you try to avoid it then you will see that it could turns you into a trouble. Because cultural shock will always be your travel buddy. What’s wrong with cultural shock ? Traveling is when you are going to something new, get out from something that you used to do.




Such an example, when you are going to a new place and you can’t find the food that you love and used to eat, then its gonna be so hard for you. But, if you are trying to try something new, something you’ve never taste before then you’ll be surprised with what you gonna get. Fun isn’t it ? Not only that, you’ll get the moment when you are trying to find something that you used to do, and ended with meet someone with the same interest.

Oh berli, how can you say something like that ?

Well, it’s just because I already experienced this kind of thing. When I was on Turkey, I got a problem to find something that I used to eat, RICE. Sounds cliche but, it was so true. I lost several kilos during my stay on Turkey, but it was fun. What kind of fun ? Because I don’t have to be on diet to lost my weight, and I still can try a lot of local food which is something new for me. Then you know what ? I just found that “kebab” in Indonesia isn’t the same like what a kebab looks like in Turkey. Not only that I found that kebab in Turkey has a several type based on where the kebab originated.





The story behind the rice isn’t over yet. I met those people When I was on a journey to find a rice and anything that I used to eat. Ended with meeting someone with the same interest was fun, it’s fun because you’re no longer have to get your journey alone. Like a fairytale story, we ended the story with finding the food that we used to to eat, and have new friends who becomes my travel buddy now.





That’s how the traveling will give you an enrichment to your mind. Not only look from a small picture, but from the other side of the picture. A new way to look on something, the whole picture.

A supplement for your soul

Traveling will provide you a journey, a journey to find the answer of an unanswered question on yourself.




On my age like now, I am still thinking about what am I going to do next, What will happen, Who am I, and think of many possibilities on my life. When I am traveling I always thinking about anything on my mind, my random thought, my will, everything.





Have you ever heard of this thing ?

You have to lose to lose yourself to find yourself

Have you ever have something that not means so much to you, but after it lost then you realized that it means so much to you.

But in this case, traveling will make you lost. Get lost on a new place, and traveling gives you a time to deep thinking about yourself. To be really grateful about what you have, before it becomes what you had, To think that your are not the only one who have a problem, To realize that there are lot of people who are not like you, more richer or even more poorer than you.





A time to meet someone new, talk about random things, the meaning of life, etc. A conversation when each other doesn’t even know about each other backgrounds, without judgement. A talk without any worry to share and express yourself.



Learn from another people’s thought, and their perspective.

Experiencing from another people’s life lesson and their story.

Realize that god does exist, and always by your side.

Last but not least, traveling itself always puts me on a breathtaking places. A places where I want to learn more about everything, the history, the culture, to be a better person.

Traveling itself is not only about taking a pictures, or a selfie. It’s about how you take the lesson from your journey.

An untold lesson that we can’t learn from the classroom.

p.s : Ini mungkin adalah sebuah jawaban dari lingkungan  yang kadang bertanya-tanya kenapa  suka jalan-jalan, dan kata-kata ” berli mah jalan-jalan mulu”.


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